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Monday, February 23, 2009

I saw Holder's press conference

oh, sometime last week, when the idiotic piece of crap opened his cockholster and called most of America cowards because, well, because we're not black, and we don't immediately bow down and apologize to all the black people for some shit that happened over a century before I was ever born.

Anyways, Larry Correia gives a much better response than I could think up.

For example, if I talk about how when I lived in inner-city Birmingham, and it was an utter and complete cesspool of crime, poverty, ignorance, illiteracy, teenage pregnancy, and other problems, that’s cool, but then I say that the area was 99% black and seeped in a culture of welfare and institutionalized laziness, then I’m a racist.

You've got to read the whole thing, because he's dead on. G-d forbid you tell someone that calling women "ho's", celebrating domestic violence (Slap my bitch up!), promoting drug use, advocating gang violence, or cheerleading law-breaking felons isn't quite the way you should go about life! But criticize rap music for doing those things, and you're RACIST!

At least, you are if you're white. Trust me on this. Personal experience. I've been called racist for telling people that they should stop being AFRICAN(HYPHEN)American, and should just be American. I guess I can't say that. I don't have the correct skin color to talk about race.

Eric Holder can kiss my hairy white ass, that retarded, asshatted fuckwit. We're talking about race in this country. I guess it's just not following the politically correct, Affirmative Action mandated, liberal safe criteria that douchenozzles like Eric Holder require.

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