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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Guess which candidate is talking about god?

I mean, if this kind of god-baggery doesn't scare you off, I don't know what does!

The prayer that I tell myself every night is a fairly simple one: I ask in the name of Jesus Christ that my sins are forgiven, that my family is protected and that I am an instrument of God's will. I'm constantly trying to align myself to what I think he calls on me to do. And sometimes you hear it strongly and sometimes that voice is more muted.

What kind of republican douch would say that? I mean, talking to god? God talks to you and tells you how to live your life? Only a right-wing crazy would... OOOPS!

Amazing how the Leftists are attacking Sarah Palin because of her faith, and yet when Barak Obama was campaigning in churches all over the USA he got a pass.

Maybe because the Left thinks that Barak Obama doesn't believe it? I dunno.

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