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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Sioux Falls, SD

Is today's stop. But we took a little detour first. Click for bigger.

If you want to download it, it's 795 KB. I've got a flaming assload more photos of the monument from a lot of different vantage points. I've also got quite a bit from the Little Bighorn Battlefield, but they're over 4MB each and I can only throw so much up here.

Maybe I should start a photography blog. Meh. We'll see.

South Dakota has it's own beauty that has to be seen to be appreciated. You can't get it from a photograph, although some come close. Neither the Ragin' Mrs. nor the Ragin' Stepson had ever truly understood the phrase "Big Sky Country". After the drive through Montana and South Dakota, I think they have a much better understanding.

That one is 2.6MB. And that's just a small taste. Anyone who's been there will understand. If you haven't, well, you need to make the trip during the summer. Visit Mt. Rushmore. Take I-90, or better yet, take some of the many highways that parallel the interstate. It's well worth it.

We'll be heading South tomorrow, through Iowa and ending up in Missouri. We'll be kicking around Missouri for the weekend taking care of business, and then heading up to Wisconsin through Illinois. That's the basic layout, although the Ragin' Mrs. and I are rather capricious when it comes to travel plans so long as we meet the timeline at the end. We'll be driving by something and go "Oooooo!", turn into whatever the attraction is, and spend some time. That's how we met Brutus. All 800 pounds of him.

And he's still growing!

More updates as time and internet permit. Till then.....

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