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Monday, October 01, 2007

More on Rush Limbaugh

So the Democrat American Communist Party is all atwitter over the supposed "smear" that Rush Limbaugh issued.

I've heard the audio. I've watched the video. There was no smear. Period. Despite what the whores at Media Matters say, Rush Limbaugh did not smear the military.

And yes, let's be up front about Media Matters, shall we? A George Soros financed "media" group who's sole focus is the demonization and intimidation of conservative figures cannot be trusted to be fair, balanced, or non-partisan. In fact the reason I call them whores is because they are exactly that - they get paid to do what the Left wants them to do.

So now anyways, there's supposedly a resolution being advanced in Congress by the Democrat American Communist Party condemning the non-smear and Rush Limbaugh.

Uh-huh. Let's see here, I need to check a few things.

In 2004, the Democrat American Communist Party ran John Kerry, who came back from Viet Nam then lied and slandered American troops. He's been disavowed by just about everyone who ever dealt with him, and had his former troops writing books about just what a lying sack of shit he is.

The Democrat American Communist Party has latched on to any soldier, sailor, airman or Marine who came back and claimed they committed atrocities, yet refuse to listen to the thousands of troops who come back and say that we need to stay there and finish the job. Want proof? Go read MM's piece, where she lists a number of people who claimed all kinds of things, yet were proven liars. Jimmy Massey. Jessie McBeth. Fakes, frauds, and liars. All of them were embraced by the Left, given interviews, barrels of newspaper ink, and then when they were exposed as liars and frauds, nothing. No retractions, no corrections, nothing. You would think that an honest news corporation would at least put a paragraph out - "In last week's interview, where Mr. X claimed that he had ripped the eyeballs out of a small child and then raped the eyesockets, we have now found out that not only has Mr. X never been in Iraq, he's never even been in the military or around any children. We apologize for the confusion." No, we don't even get that, we just get a wall of silence that everyone on the Right has come to expect when the Left is confronted with their lies, their smears, their inability to deal with the truth.

Dingy Harry Reid states that "the surge has failed" when they Surge wasn't even completed yet. Chuck the Schmuch Schumer claiming that our troops didn't have any part in the reduction of violence in Anbar Province. Kerry stating that if you don't do well in school you get stuck in Iraq. Charlie Rangel stating that the military is made up of poor, stupid kids who couldn't get a real job.

After all of this, I'm supposed to believe that anyone from the Democrat American Communist Party supports the troops? Hell, they've given up THAT lie. They aren't even trying to keep up that facade. But I'm supposed to think that they want to give the troops anything more than a good raping with a sandpaper condom and broken glass for lube?

Yeah, right. I may have been born at night, but it wasn't LAST night. So here's my response to the Democrat American Communist Party - kiss my ass. Kiss my camo covered ass, you miserable, spineless pathetic traitorous parasites. Here is one Army NCO who isn't fooled by you. You're nothing more than a bunch of military hating, corrupt, terrorist appeasing, dictator loving, anti-American assholes, and so help me god you are the biggest threat to the US Constitution in the world today.

I'm simply waiting for the time when I fulfill my oath to protect that Constitution from all enemies, foreign or DOMESTIC.

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