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Sunday, August 05, 2007

On the Minnisota Bridge collapse

I was stunned when I read about people blaming President Bush for the collapse. I mean, really. We've got people blaming President Bush for things that happened before he even took office, for G-d's sake! Now they want to blame him for a bridge collapsing.

I say we put the blame where it belongs - squarely on the shoulders of the pork-earmarking fucksticks who spend our tax dollars on everything except for what they're SUPPOSED to spend it on.

It really is that simple. One of the reason that Congress takes our money under the threat of jailtime for non-compliance is to supposedly maintain the roads.

We can all see that it's not happening. So while the parasites in D.C. take our money and spend it on monuments to themselves, people are dying on a bridge that wasn't maintained by the people who are supposed to maintain it.

Don't blame the President. He's not the people who have been sitting in Congress for decades like fat, bloated mosquitoes. Or tapeworms. Yeah, I think they fit the definition of tapeworm better than they do mosquitoes. At least mosquitoes provide a food source for bats and other insects. Tapeworm do nothing but live in shit, suck their food from you, and grow and multiply as much as possible. It's not the job of the President to appropriate funds for infrastructure repair. That's the job of who? Congress.

Our roads are crumbling, our bridges are collapsing. Our military is scraping funds from where ever they can find them. But John Murtha spent $150 million of your money on pork projects! Representative Young got $117 million! Congresscritters from both sides of the isle are spending your money and my money like it's going out of style, but they can't do the fucking job that THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO DO.

As far as I'm concerned, every congresscritter in D.C. needs to be fired. Impeached. Recalled. Kicked out into the street without so much as a "by your leave" or a retirement check. They've stolen and embezzled enough money from this country. Let them actually work for a living, if they can. Don't give them another damn penny. And find someone who can actually do the job.

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