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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Dang it

I had a good post up about this, from Patterico, about a Lefie's hysterical claims that certain Republicans are (gasp!) gay. But it disappeared. Vanished. So I get to write a much smaller blurb.

Sen. Craig represents me in Congress. And if he's gay, I could care less. Tell me, what matters more to my readers: The fact that someone is claiming that Sen. Craig is gay, or the fact that he led the charge against the Assault Weapons Ban a couple of years ago? In fact, if it weren't for Sen. Craig standing up for our Second Amendment Rights, that ban could have been extended. I won't say that Craig defeated the ban single-handedly, but without him it would have been passed.

So you tell me, what matters more to you? His sexual preference, or his preference to not have the Constitution ripped to shreds by a bunch of Dimocrat Tranzi pukes?

And can you feel the tolerance? Can you feel the celebration of diversity? I guess that being gay, like being black, is only acceptable to the Dimocrats when you're firmly ensconced on their plantation, otherwise you're a despicable pervert who needs a public flogging. But then, expecting the Dimocrats to have any standards, principals, or morals is like expecting a pig to grow wool. Not only do they not possess it, they have no idea what they actually are.

Gah. Anyways, class is keeping me rather busy. Couple long days of classroom instruction with early rising and physical training twice a day, and you get what I mean. But maybe I'll lose a few pounds that I gained when I was sick.

Anyways, I'll see you all tomorrow.

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