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Monday, October 23, 2006

And just in case

Any of you are sitting on the fence about voting, here's what a Dimocrat congress will bring about if you give them a chance.

Gun control. Massive amounts of gun control. Think California combined with Boston, MA. Do you want Pelosi and Kennedy telling you who can own guns and who can't?

Higher taxes, along with the damage to the eocnomy those taxes will bring. Our economy is ripping along. Job growth is amazing. The Dow has hit record highs. You want all that to stop? Just watch the Dimocrats repeal the tax cuts and watch our economy begin to crumble.

Greater growth of the nanny state. Yes, I know the Republicans aren't doing so well on that score, but who do you want in charge? A Republican we have some control over, or a died-in-the-wool socialist who's goal is the complete subservience of anyone not sitting in congress?

Complete and total surrender in the War on Terror. The Dimocrats have already plainly stated their goals when it comes to fighting terrorism. In two words: They won't. As the Dimocrats are controlled by their far Left wing, nothing short of total capitulation will satisfy them.

We have two choices this election: Bad, and horrible. Just because we might not like all of the bad choice shouldn't mean that we surrender to the horrible choice.

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