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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Hezbollah, Illegal Immigration, and the Next 9/11

Of course, the real issue with unfettered influx from Mexico is not Mexicans having jobs or using libraries. It's influx of Islamists. My program is fourfold:

a) secure the border. completely. pull four of every ten American soldiers out of England, Germany, and Japan and send them to Texas, Arizona, and California.

b) everyone in country must get a card by end of year. some of them can use their card to get in a union and help build the wall.

c) anyone who employs someone without a card, starting at end of year, gets fined. heavily. reward "whistleblowers".

d) invest in Mexico. we send $2 Billion a year to Egypt for heaven's sake. so long as there is a third world economy on our southern border, there will be people clamoring to leave it. Mexico is oil rich, sun rich, mineral rich, and worker rich. so why is nearly every product on WalMart's shelves from China, and none from Mexico?

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