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Thursday, January 26, 2006

On Hamas and Palestine

Just read this on a message board for Philadelphia Eagles fans:

The only difference between Hamas and Fatah is the sheen of legitimacy Fatah enjoyed due to more than a decade of coddling from the Clinton/ Bush administrations and the United Nations. Between the Nobel Peace Prize Arafat shared with Barak to the photo-ops at the White House with terrorists Arafat and Abu Masin (again, on both administration's watches), Fatah was able to establish itself, against all logic and reason, as a legitimate political organization while conducting endless warfare against Israeli citizens through its al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades.

Now that the Jordanian/Egyptian/Syrian squatters known as the palestinians have chosen an Iranian-backed death squad to lead them, the veneer of legitimacy is gone. And their next act of violence against the Israeli people will be rightly considered an act of war -- and the international community will not have a leg, or a Peace Prize, to stand on if they attempt to refute that fact.

Not to mention the power struggle to come between the Hamas terrorists and the al-Aqsa terrorists. And, of course you know, in a place like palestine, the words 'power struggle' are synonymous with the words 'civil war'. Don't be surprised if Fatah attacks Israel first, just to unleash the IDF's wrath on Hamas.

When the civilized world pressed to give savages who parade their children in front of cameras wearing mock suicide belts and take to the streets to celebrate terrorist attacks the right to vote, surely they knew this was a very real possibility. They went ahead with it because either way, the result could be beneficial to western civilization. In the case of a Hamas victory, that benefit is transparency.

Palestine is now undeniably a terrorist state, controlled by a terrorist arm of an international pariah (Iran). At least the situation can be dealt with honestly now.

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