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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

John Hawkins asks a question

From Right Wing News

-- Sometimes, the dog that doesn't bark tells a tale. In this case, why is it that the blogosphere doesn't seem to be stepping up to help the victims of a cataclysmic earthquake that has killed so many people in Pakistan? Is it that they're not big fans of Pakistan? Are people too distracted by the Miers nomination? Is it donor fatigue after the Tsunami and Katrina that's responsible?

Personally, I think the US government should pay particular attention to this quake, even if the public doesn't. Pakistan, which has taken a big hit in this earthquake, has been a real help in the war on terror and Pervez Musharraf has caught a lot of hell for it from his own people. Now might be a great time to show everyone in Pakistan that there's no better friend to have in a crisis than the United States. Also keep in mind that Bin Laden is likely still hiding out in the Pakistani back country. Helping Pakistan in their time of need might be just the thing to set a few tongues wagging about his whereabouts.

Honestly, I think one of the big reasons that you don't see conservatives hopping up and down demanding aid for Pakistan is because we're already giving aid. One of the first groups of people to arrive in Pakistan was Chinook and Blackhawk helicopters from our troops in Afghanistan. We're already there, unloading food, water and supplies, as well as helping with rescue efforts where we are needed.

The entire world is pitching in, and there's no way for the USA to do everything that needs to be done. But we are there, as are countries from around the world. We have a chance to make some big inroads with the general population in Pakistan. And we're taking it.

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