Day by Day

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Maybe it's just me

But I think Analog Kid wants to play.....

Please give me a Fatwa, please! Once you declare a Fatwa on me I can legally, oh yes, quite legally, begin hunting you right back, you shit stains in Allah’s cotton briefs! And boy, what an easy hunt that would be, what with you stinking worse than any bear I’ve ever bagged and tagged and the fact that most bear are smarter than you.

You’d be fucking lucky if I just behead you and stick your bacon wrapped cranium on top of a chunk of re-bar stuck in my front yard for my neighbors to see. Especially the one with the ignorant ‘No Blood for Oil’ bumper sticker on the back of her “Dodge Caravan of Many Colors”.

Sounds like it would work for me. But seeing as how I'm in the running for a trip over to the Sandbox to begin hunting said terrorists already, I can do it WITHOUT a fatwa! NEENER NEENER!

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