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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Steve H. Rocks

Especially on Hate Fridays.

The hearings were historic, mainly because it’s not that often that you get to see seven or eight Democrats slander and abuse a successful black woman. Not since they stopped wearing sheets. But then Condi isn’t black or female. She’s conservative, so NOW and the NAACP revoked her credentials. From now on, whenever she fills out a government form, she has to list herself as a white male, and in certain states she could also be forced to buy golf clubs.

I don’t care. Let the Democrats have their fun. Because for the next four years, we’re going to make them eat their own vomit. FOUR MORE YEARS RIGHT DOWN YOUR THROAT, BITCHES! We'll show you what "trickle down" really means. Not that I am in any way mean-spirited or a bad sport.

Maybe later, I’ll hate on fat Mikey Moore for preaching gun banning while employing an armed bodyguard. Why does Mikey need an armed man to protect him from knives and bullets? I thought his fat was supposed to do that. Let’s pray that one day Mikey goes swimming off Norway or Japan and gets himself “harvested” for “research” purposes.

I had to wonder.... since we had Ted "Swimmer" Kennedy and Bobby "Sheets" Byrd both hurling more lies and slander at Dr. Rice than any one person can realisticly deal with, can we take the Left's canard about how the Right is racist and just beat them with it? I mean, when a star of the Left gets up and goes on a drunken rambling slanderfest against a highly successful black woman, I think that's one meme we can just bury right now.

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