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Friday, March 12, 2004

Time for some Linky Love

Anyone who cares to check out the new Bush TV ads can look at them here. They're looking pretty good to me.

Citizens Against Government Waste has sent out an email warning of a Transportation Bill that's loaded down with pork spending. If you'd like to let your representatives know that you don't want a bloated bill getting passed, you can go here and tell them. You can also sign up for CAGW emails. It's a good way to stay abreast of all the junk spending going on in Congress.

The Rott has a summary of the terrorist attack in Spain, as well as a link to give your condolances and support to the people of Spain. He also has an idea of what to do with the terrorists that I like:

These useless sacks of skin and everybody who has ever said a kind word to them need to be killed, ruthlessly and with extreme prejudice. Save the humanitarian concerns for actual humans.


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