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Sunday, May 31, 2020

Went bike shopping yesterday. Just not for me.

Got a co-worker who's been bitten by the bike bug.  He took the MSF Safety Course, got his card, and now he's looking for a bike.  So the Mrs. and I spent about four hours yesterday taking him to the bike shops, having him sit on just about every style out there.  The guy wants a sports bike, but he's a big man.  I kinda had to disabuse him of the notion that he'd be comfortable on a small little rocket.  I think we finally got him on a Sport-Touring bike that didn't hurt his back or his knees.  He hasn't bought anything yet; he's chewing on the money, because he wasn't planning on spending that much on a bike.  But with a bike, you get what you pay for.  Plus, there's gear.  Gotta have the gear. 

We actually had a perfect example of that as we were headed home - a little rainstorm hit the area, and we saw a guy on a Harley wearing pants, a t-shirt and a hat getting pelted by rain.  Rain hurts at 25mph, folks.  Hell, it hurts at 20.  If you're not wearing gear, it's going to look like you got caught in a BB war.

Anyways, back to all that wonderful maintaining of house and yard and all that stuff.  Ah, the suburban life.  I long for the day when "mowing the yard" meant letting the horses out of the paddock.

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