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Thursday, January 03, 2019

Best Headline so far this year

Romney unintentionally reminds everyone why Trump was elected in the first place

Well....  yeah. 

Showing a particular out-of-touchedness that highlighted his failed run for president in 2012, Romney cited public opinion polls — in Germany, the UK, France, Canada and Sweden — opposed to Trump as evidence of his shortcomings. Since when is pursuing U.S. interests contingent upon appealing to foreign populations? If going to Iraq had been a global referendum, we would have never gone in. 
What Trump has done, which is long overdue, is emphatically state that the U.S. will act, on foreign trade and relations, in a manner that benefits the U.S. first. No more one-sided trade deals designed to redistribute American wealth overseas. No more free lunches for the NATO alliance, either. These are measured responses to bankrupt policies that were bankrupting the nation with open-ended military engagements, open borders and the outsourcing of millions of jobs.
Romney would have been a horrible president.  Maybe better than Obama, sure, but that's a low bar to set.  Trump has been the 2nd most conservative president of my lifetime, and certainly the most Libertarian president.  Regulations are going DOWN.  Taxes went DOWN.  Troops being pulled from areas where there's no declaration of war. 

Romney's attack on Trump was short-sighted and wrong, and it did indeed highlight why he was such a loser in 2012.  He'll be just another RINO in Congress that we'll have to deal with for six years.  Thanks, Utah.

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ASM826 said...

Romney would have been worse than Obama. Because he would pushed his agenda and the GOP would have felt obliged to go along, while the Dems got everything they wanted. If Romney had been elected, we would have had a Massachusetts style gun ban.