Day by Day

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

I'm ready to leave the South

Allergies.  Allergies, allergies, allergies.  I'm on medication, I do a sinus rinse every day, and right now my throat feels like razor blades and my nose is dripping.  Because the leaves are falling, it's been raining, and there's leaf mold everywhere.

Hell, there's just plan mold everywhere.  We have to clean our deck off a couple times a year to keep the mold from making things too slick, and oh by the way this deck sits in the sun.  It's not exactly shaded.  And it gets mold.  Everywhere.

I'm surrounded by trees.  Those trees are dropping leaves.  The leaves are molding.  And that mold is trying to have sex with my mucus membranes via its spores, causing me to cough, sneeze and wheeze.

Send me back up North, please.  Give me my pine trees and my mountains.  I'm done with this Southern experiment.  I'll take snow over allergies any day of the week.

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