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Tuesday, September 04, 2018

Telling the truth is now a crime

At least, if it's about the myth of the gender pay gap.

Tigges provided the Dallas Morning News with data to back up his claims. Meanwhile, on Twitter, the outrage mob claimed data didn’t support his claims (without providing any). Even in The Washington Post’s attempts to cover for the mob, it used data that supported what Tigges said: Female doctors work fewer hours because they prioritize their children.

Here's a crazy though - women get paid less because they work less, because they spend more time raising their family, and THAT IS THE WAY IT OUGHT TO BE.

Yes.  THAT IS THE WAY IT OUGHT TO BE.  Women prioritizing their family first is a GOOD thing.  It is good and right, and it should stop being looked down upon by the feminnazi harpies and their howling monkey allies in the press. 

The modern Left has done it's best to turn women into men with different plumbing, and as such as reduced women to the total value of their sexual parts.  Women need to get back to raising families, because they're the best at doing so.

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