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Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Very stupid people have given Peter Strzok over $250,000

I wish I was kidding.

Peter Strzok broke the law.  He also cheated on his wife.  He violated every value that the FBI claims to hold, and he did it all for partisan political gain.  And he rightly got fired for it, and I hope he goes to jail for it.  But the Left loves him and gave him over a quarter million dollars so far, with more to come.

Best quote:

This isn’t the first time the Left has forced women to take a back seat for partisan purposes. When battling Trump or confronted with vast right-wing conspiracies, liberals suddenly care significantly less for victims. 
The same people who ignore violated interns turn a blind eye to ruined marriages because, turns out, women are expendable when the patriarchy has the correct politics.
The Left doesn't give an actual shit about women, except to use them as weapons.  Look at how Republican women are othered at every opportunity by the Left.

I hope the Left continues to dump their money into this loser's pockets.  I hope a judge gives it to his wife in their divorce.

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