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Friday, August 17, 2018

The more you know

Peter Strzok has been a dirty cop his entire career.  It's no wonder he went as high in the FBI as he did under Obama and crew.

Domestic adversaries? The Boston FBI’s leading “domestic adversaries” in the Strzok days were honest cops — mostly the DEA and what was then the relatively clean Mass. State Police. 
Yesterday I called the office of special counsel Robert Mueller, the former U.S. attorney for Boston, who knew all of the six or seven FBI agents who were accused in federal court of taking payoffs from gangsters. 
Some of them were the agents who framed four innocent men for a murder they did not commit, while taking cash from Stevie Flemmi, whom they refused to arrest for 30 years while he was, by his own account, committing 50 murders in four different states. 
Yes, the Boston office was the perfect place to train “Special” Agent Strzok. 
My question for Mueller was, after he hired Strzok for his witch hunt, did they ever talk about how the FBI allowed the four innocent men to languish in prison for 35 years? 
Mueller’s office declined to comment.

Dirty cops are gonna do what dirty cops do.  Strzok has been a dirty cop for decades, and he's never once gotten his hand slapped for it.  I'm certain he was sure he wouldn't get his hand slapped for his latest escapade.  And the deranged left has given him over $400,000 by now.  I hope his wife gets one hell of a divorce settlement. 

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