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Wednesday, August 09, 2017

The world of the VA

I love that quote:  "Giving American Service-members a second chance to die for their country"

If you want long waits, even inside the doctor’s office, multi-month waits before actually seeing a doctor about pressing issues, if you want faceless bureaucrats determining your life, if you truly in your heart of hearts think that somehow this is healthy and good, you go right on ahead. If you want to see more babies wind up like Charlie Gard, you go right on ahead and do that damnably awful thing.

"Single-Payer" healthcare, socialized healthcare, government healthcare, they're all the same thing, and they end up the same way:  You die, slowly, painfully, because the government isn't interested in helping you.  You are a cost.  A liability.  And the sooner you die, the less they have to spend on you.

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