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Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Here's a clue for Portland's dipshit mayor

When looking for those who would commit violence, start with the violent, mask wearing fascists and thugs of the Left.

The Left is so far into either A) delusion, B) outright lying or C) both, that they can't look at what side is wearing masks over their faces and determine who is acting in good faith and who is acting in bad.

Here's a hint, just in case you're a "progressive" leftist, which means that you're so stupid you might actually have to be informed of this basic bit of knowledge:  If you look around, and you're surrounded by people who refuse to show their faces, waving bats, sticks and various other weapons, throwing bottles, bricks and rocks, then you are the fascist attempting to shut down free speech.


Drumwaster said...

Here's a clue: people who are dressed like it's fifty degrees cooler than it currently is (long sleeves, hooded jackets, face covering), as opposed to those who are merely out for a night (dressed for the weather), should be the first ones who draw the official attention.

If they are hiding their identity, it's because they don't want street cams to identify them later, which = "intending to misbehave, with intent of getting away with it", much like someone robbing a bank will hide his identity before entering the zone with cameras.

Deserttrek said...

agree with Drumwaster

my addition is , and not a believer in a lot of laws, but committing political violence should result in EXTREME penalties.

I do believe if a thug from any group is doa on the job then the world is a better place. Whoever throws an object etc has given up their intelligence. They have no value in a civilized society and the Constitution does not protect violence