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Thursday, April 27, 2017

This is how you get President Trump

ACLU sues a private Catholic hospital for refusing to mutilate a mentally ill woman who thinks that she's a man.  The woman wants her vagina removed.  The hospital rightly refused to accommodate her illness and need for mutilation.  The ACLU stepped in because Stupidity.

This is how you get President Trump.  A woman is not a man.  And a man is not a woman.  You cannot turn one sex into another, no matter how hard you wish and try and click your heels together and pray to the Tranny Fairy.  And normal, sane people are tired of being assaulted and abused for understanding those basic facts.

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Drumwaster said...

The Seven Steps of Liberal Activism:
1. It's a free country, X should not be illegal.
2. The Constitution prohibits X from being made illegal.
3. If the Constitution protects a right to X, how can it be immoral? Anyone who disagrees is a bigot.
4. If X is a Constitutional right, how can we deny it to the poor? Taxpayer money must be given to people to get X.
5. The Constitution requires that taxpayer money be given to people to get X.
6. People who refuse to participate in X are criminals.
7. People who publicly disagree with X are criminals.

(Step 8 has been reached by a few over-achieving cultures, such as nationalist, communist Russia or nationalist, communist China or nationalist, socialist Germany. Everyone knows what Step 8 is.)