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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

I'm Knackered

Although it looks like I might be getting some new certifications in the up coming months that make me happy - motorcycle stuff.

Getting paid to be around motorcycles is always a good thing in my book.

I see that the Donks are doing their best to paint Judge Gorsuch as a wild-eyed monster.  And failing. Mua-hah.

That's all I got today, folks.  I'm busy at work with multiple projects that take up most of my time and energy.  Not to mention that this particular Command seems to have the largest collection of non-functioning yet still getting paid shitweasels I've seen in a while.

OK, little side rant here.

For those who don't know, not all soldiers get deployed.  If you're in an MTOE unit (look it up if you must, it's most of the Army units) you can get deployed.  But if you're in a TDA unit, you won't.  The Command I'm in, and the downtrace units, are all TDA units.

Now, we've done our level best to recruit people who have already been deployed.  Lots of our folks are instructors, and Soldiers take instruction best from people who have actually been there, done that.  But keep in mind that these are all reserve units.  So much of the people who run the admin/planning/ops side of the house have been there for years.  Decades.  And there are multiple people who have managed to sit in these units and not do a damn thing.  It still amazes me when I see a senior officer or NCO who hasn't been anywhere or done anything.  Even if you haven't been over to the current theater of operations, if you've been in the Army for three decades you should have been SOMEWHERE.  Bosnia.  Panama.  Grenada.  Hell, Operation Brightstar.  We have operations going on all over the globe.  Africa.  Europe somewhere.  Something.

Nope.  I'm dealing with one oxygen thief who literally has not been a single place or done a single thing in their entire Army career.  They're about to hit their mandatory retirement date.  That's age 60, folks.  They're MY RANK.  And have been for almost as long as I've been in the Army.

Not surprisingly, this particular turd is also a huge problem with their inactivity.  Entire programs have gone neglected while they have sat on their ass and cashed their paychecks.  I would say that about half my energy is going into fixing all the shit that's been screwed up because this loser was put in charge.

Let me give you an example.  One of my people at the lower units was having difficulty with units above them.  They couldn't get a response from any level.  I was still new in my position, and I'm in their technical chain if not their actual chain of command, so I help them out as much as I can, but ask them "Why didn't you ask so-and-so at your higher unit?"

They didn't even know the Turd existed.  The Turd has occupied that position for six years, and the people the Turd is responsible for didn't even know they were there.

Folks, when I get into a new position, the first thing I do is find out where my people are and make damn sure they know who the hell I am.  This Turd didn't even bother contacting their personnel in SIX FUCKING YEARS.

I can't get into too many details, for obvious reasons.  But I'm working my hardest to get them moved out of their position.  Thing is, I don't have any direct authority over their position, otherwise they would have been gone six months ago.  So I have to do dope deals, work the networks, etc.  When they finally sail off into the sunset, I'll be a happy man.

Anyways, off to bed.


p2 said...

i feel your pain, brother.... in the 20+ years i was in, i spent on average 9 months of the year TDY somewhere. keep in mind most of this time was when it was relatively peaceful. just before i retired i met a gal from finance. same rank, same TIS, a truly wonderous display of fruit salad on her rather distracting chest ( i used that as a reason to ogle. im an NCO dammit, i have reasons, not excuses....), and she had never once in 19 years gone TDY, worked a weekend, or even a bit of overtime. never missed a lunch HOUR.... i was floored. but, i'll tell ya.... that MSM with 2 OLCs looked real pretty.....

Deserttrek said...

I have a neighbor, great freaking guy, whose wife retired recently as a lt Col, Army, and got a disability. HOW THE FUCK does a chubby witch who sat behind a desk for her whole career get a disability pension? She then brags to me one day about working the system to get it. I told her I don't like scammers and bit my tongue and walked away. I am sure people you know , know her.
I spent 29 years at a public agency, 75% of the ass wipes could have been gone and we would have gotten more done and saved a ton of money at the same time.
And one question, how come all the military big wigs nowadays wear so much fruit salad? Look at pictures of Ike, Bradley, Marshal, and other famous military figures. Much more dignified in a civilians opinion.

Hang in there

Ragin' Dave said...

Deserttrek - There's a whole industry of Fobbits who sat their ass behind the wire, never went out, and got Bronze Stars, while grunts who went out every day were given an ARCOM or MSM because, and I quote, "Staff Sergeants don't get Bronze Stars."

Let that sink in.

The Army gives out shit-tons of awards these days. Many are warranted. Many are not. The sad fact is that a manipulative asshole sitting behind a desk knows how to job the system. Think John F'n Kerry.