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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Why Conservatives Lose

Ace of Spades has a good take on the Milo kerfluffle.  He and I are of like minds right now...

The way this works is that the Outrage Mob gins up its hatred quickly, giving no one a chance to actually think slowly and carefully about these things -- and they should be thought slowly and carefully about, because what's being engineered here is possibly an irrevocable negative hit on someone -- and then people feel pressure to react instantly precisely the way the mob wants because God Forbid we stand up to the mob and say, "Stop your baying, and give adult men and women of rational mind and good spirit a chance to actually think," then maybe they'll turn on us next. 
Proud anger travels twice around the world before cool reflection has even slipped on its first sock.

So the Left has found something to be ANGRY about, just like it finds something to be ANGRY about every single day of the week.  And rather than actually push back or fight against the howling baboons of the Left, so-called "conservatives" curl up, suck their thumbs, whimper and squeal "MAKE THE BAD MAN STOP!  I'LL DO WHATEVER THEY WANT!"

Yeah.  So they're doing their best to throw Milo to the wolves.  Milo, one of the best weapons we have against the Left in the current day and age.  Milo, who's been doing the heavy lifting (along with Ben Shapiro) on college campuses.  Milo, who has personally outed more pedophiles than all the people currently looking to hang him out to dry for "pedophilia".

Did Milo say some things that went over the top?  Yes.  Did he say things I didn't agree with?  Yes.

But we on the right had an opportunity to have an actual, honest to God conversation about it.  We had an opportunity to say "This isn't right, and here's why I think that." and then have an actually battle of ideas that would have improved us as a group.  Instead?  Howling Hate Mob, and the most sickening part about it is the Howling Hate Mob is made up of supposed "conservatives", who are being egged on by the worst elements of the Left.  When Nathan Nyberg, who goes by "Sarah Nyberg" on Twitter, who is a mentally ill man who wants to have sex with pre-pubescent girls, is gloating and boasting about the purging of Milo, then you have well and truly fucked up.

Oh, and just so you know, Nathan Nyburg is one of the pedos that Milo outed.  You know, the guy you're trying to draw and quarter for pedophilia?  Yeah.  Let me quote Ace again here, because he's spot on:

All that said, I do have an interest, and that interest is less about Milo than this same sick game of Pick the Day's Hate Object and Destroy It. 
Is it my scalp they'll be coming for next week?  
Who knows -- maybe this very post you're reading right now will be cited as the reason Ace Must Now Be Purged to Maintain the Purity of the Body of the Church of Twitter.

This is why "conservatives" haven't managed to conserve a single damn thing.  They're far too willing to murder each other, over fake outrage pushed by a liberal lynch mob, than to stand up and defend one of their own.  They're far too willing to leap off of a cliff at a Liberal's urging than spend five fucking minutes to look over the edge and see what's below before they get a running start.

Stop allowing yourself to be manipulated by fake moral outrage pushed by hypocritical assholes who privately celebrate the very behavior they expect you to condemn!

There may be a good reason to dump Milo.  But watching so called "conservatives" run around under the Left's control is making me realize that conservatives in this country are part of the problem.  It's so-called "conservatives", the Never-Trumpers, who were willing to elect Hillary Clinton rather than let Trump win.  And it's so-called "conservatives" who abandon our allies at the drop of a hat rather than stand up to the Liberal Hate Mob.

So why should I want to stand shoulder to shoulder with them?  Standing too close to them means that they can stab you in the back that much easier.  I'd rather throw my lot in with the Alt-Right.  At least they won't allow themselves to be manipulated so easily.


doctor_kaz said...

And this is yet another example of why the Left has been on a victory march for 50 years. They never throw their own under the bus. We throw our best warriors under the bus. Soon we'll be left with nothing but an army of Evan McMullins.

kaflick said...
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Eric Wilner said...

There ya go, trying to be reasonable. Aren't you supposed to be a crazed religious-zealot reactionary or something?
When you resort to reasoned arguments in place of predictable, knee-jerk responses, you threaten the very structure of Reality itself!
(I'm not exactly a fan of Milo, and not at all in favor of normalizing child molestation, as some Progressives have been trying to do for many years now, but this does seem a fine opportunity for some constructive speechifying. "While we find common ground with Milo on some issues, if we understand correctly what he's saying here, we believe that he's gravely wrong on this matter, and here's why." Or, y'know, we could just throw Molotov cocktails at cops. Harder to misquote a Molotov cocktail.)

OC said...

I'm gonna look on the bright side.
These so called conservatives are self identifying to get their asses primary'd.