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Thursday, February 23, 2017

Evan McMullin group is behind the Milo attack

Gosh, what a so-called "conservative"!

Who woulda thunk that the guy doing his best to ensure that Hillary Clinton got elected president would be behind the attack on one of Trump's most prominent supporters?  You want to know why Trump got elected?  Because the GOP voting base were sick and tired of backstabbing, traitorous shitweasels like Evan McMullin being in charge.  The Trump presidency is one big giant middle finger to the anti-conservative parasites like McMullin, and now the apparatchiks and establishment elitists are doing their most to destroy Trump and anyone who publicly supported him.

Evan McMullin is upset because he couldn't push the uni-party status quo any more, and he's going to attack anyone who dares to actually get conservative things done in Washington D.C.

Evan McMullin is prime example number one why I refuse to register as a Republican.  I don't need to be part of a political party that hates me, thinks I'm stupid because I don't live in the Beltway or a major media market, and just wants me to shut up and follow orders.

Fuck Evan McMullin.


Deserttrek said...

took over 2 years of sending them back their crap and finally had to call them to stop trying to get money from my dead mother. left the party when newt told me as a single guy I didn't deserve a tax cut, that was 1996.

Ragin' Dave said...

I took their fake "survey", wrote on it in Sharpie - not one damn dime till McConnell is gone, stuffed it in their envelope and sent it back to them.