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Saturday, January 14, 2017

National Socialists gonna do what National Socialists always do

Shut down free speech at every opportunity.

MILO’s event at the University of California, Davis has been cancelled after protesters tore down barricades and engaged in scuffles outside the venue. A camerman for ABC10 was also attacked with hot coffee.

It is telling that the National Socialists use Orwellian double-speak by holding signs saying "NO FASCISM" while at the same time engaging in fascist acts.  The National Socialists have always done so, and they see no need to change their tactics.  Until large groups of National Socialists like those at UC Davis are dealt with effectively, and in this case large amounts of pepper-spray directly to the face would be rather effective, then the National Socialists will continue to rampage through civilization unchecked.

But what the National Socialists at UC Davis don't understand is that either way, the Alt-Right wins.  We either get to pepper-spray the living shit out of a group of idiotic National Socialists, or we get to put up videos of National Socialists engaging in their fascist behavior, which drives even more people to the Alt-Right.

Trump won because people are tired of the National Socialists getting their way through their violence, fascism and hatred.  The National Socialists haven't learned that yet, as proven by their never-ending temper tantrum after the election.  Every time they riot and attack people, someone else sees the video online and goes, "That ain't right."  And the Alt-Right gains another member.

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