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Saturday, November 12, 2016


Makin' me happy here, boyo!

Donald Trump has selected one of the best-known climate skeptics to lead his U.S. EPA transition team, according to two sources close to the campaign. 
Myron Ebell, director of the Center for Energy and Environment at the conservative Competitive Enterprise Institute, is spearheading Trump’s transition plans for EPA, the sources said.

We can't kill the Church of Climate Change in one term.  But we can certainly do it some damage.  FUCK YEAH!

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Adrienne said...

Watching my former family and the one or two libtard acquaintances having public meltdowns on Facecrap has been delicious. One acquaintance has a black bull dyke friend who is "fearful for her "wife" and family." WTHell? Last I checked it was the Soros funded Hillary supporters out causing mayhem. Payback is a bitch!