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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Well, yes!

If the Media investigated Hillary like they did Nixon, we wouldn't need WikiLeaks.

It has now been more than four decades since the Washington Post and New York Times led the charge to bring down Richard Nixon and his administration’s massive web of corruption and political subterfuge schemes. They did so by aggressively and tirelessly seeking out the truth, and reporting back to the American people clearly and comprehensively. 
Today, both publications have become willing accomplices in suppressing the same type of information they worked so tenaciously to expose all those years ago. By openly and unapologetically acting as institutional surrogates for the Clinton campaign, these same institutions, and nearly every other mainstream media outlet in America, have gone hands-off in exposing what may very well turn out to be the most explosive and damaging corruption scandal in American politics since “Tricky Dick” was reelected back in ’72. 
Not by coincidence, Julian Assange and WikiLeaks have stepped in to fill the void. And boy, are the “truth seekers” mad about that!

If you create a vacuum, something will come to fill the void.  Since the media in this country is now nothing more than the propaganda wing of the Democrat Party, other parties have come forward to fill the vacuum left by the media abandoning all principles and integrity.  Don't be shocked if they're a bit less than savory.  They're doing the job the media refuses to do.

That said, a paradox exists that cannot be ignored. Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and the mainstream media are all telling us that Putin and Assange are the bad guys. Bad guys they might be, but in effect they are providing information to the American people that Clinton and Obama do not want them to have, because if the American people have this information, they would not approve of what Clinton and President Obama have done. 
Color me reactionary, but I don’t think Putin and Assange are the folks we should be most concerned about right now. They are only influencing the election based upon larger disclosure of the facts. Clinton, Obama, and the media are influencing the election based on attempts to suppress and distort the facts.

I'll take the lesser of two evils right now, and that's WikiLeaks.  As Clinton and Obama have proven over and over and over,. they are domestic enemies to the US Constitution, and they are a greater evil than WikiLeaks could ever possibly be.

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