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Monday, October 10, 2016


And Hillary is a criminal.  Did we somehow forget that?  I know that we have cowardly GOP shitstains all running away because a video came out where Trump did what rich guys do - talk about how their money gets them laid.

You want to know why?  Because young chicks can't help falling on to the dicks of guys with money.

You know it's true.  Anna Nichole Smith might have really loved her octogenarian husband, but if he wasn't worth millions do you really think they would have shacked up?  As an aside, the old guy was getting even with his kids, who wanted pops to hurry up and die so they could get his money faster.  So Anna got rich, and pops got to screw his kids out of millions.  It was a win-win for both of 'em.  Plus, he probably got his jellies rolled a couple of times once the Viagra kicked in.

So Trump said mean things.  Yes.  It's all over the news.  You know what the media is desperately trying to keep out of the news?

The fact that Hillary deleted over 30,000 emails.
The fact that Hillary used a private server for classified information.
The fact that Hillary allowed Americans to die in Benghazi.
The fact that Hillary sent a YouTube video maker to JAIL in order to cover up her crimes.

Trump said bad things.  Hillary is still a criminal.  And I'm even more disgusted at the GOP for running away like the gutless, pathetic cowards they are.

The GOP created Trump.  Trump is what happens when the polite, respectable Tea Party gets shit on by the Left, and the GOP decides that it'll shit all over the Tea Party as well, because those inbred, sister-humping, bible-thumping, gun-owning redneck Jesus Freaks can't tell us what to do!

What comes after Trump, should the GOP shit all over him and the voters again, will be even worse.

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OC said...

If Trump does win, or even if he loses, we'll have a verifiable list of names of the GOPe with which to wage war.