Day by Day

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Oh hell yes

Read it all, in its glory.

The Anti-Free-Market Corporatists, and the Political Establishment have sold your fucking country down the river, and you’re gonna get your dick in a knot over a guy who said he wants sink his ding-dong into a hot babe? 
If that’s where your priorities are, you deserve every goddamned ounce of what’s coming. 
Ultimately this isn’t about Trump. 
It’s never been about Trump.  
Trump is merely the silver bullet into the heart of the sellout shitweasels. 
Trump’s support is a direct result of the seething, white-hot rage in the American spirit.
He’s the final gasp of a dying body politic of red-blooded Americans, manifested in flesh.

Anyone out there who is still #NeverTrump might benefit from reading this.