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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Black Police Officer shoots black criminal holding a gun

And Charlotte, NC goes insane.  Here's a little taste of what this Dindu Nuffin had in his past.

Scott was convicted in April 2004 of a misdemeanor assault with a deadly weapon charge in Mecklenburg County. Other charges stemming from that date were dismissed: felony assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill, and misdemeanors assault on a child under 12, assault on a female and communicating threats. 
In April 2015 in Gaston County Court, Scott was found guilty of driving while intoxicated. 
In 1992, Scott was charged in Charleston County, S.C., with ​several different crimes on different dates, including carrying ​a concealed weapon​ (not a gun), simple assault and contributing to ​the delinquency of a minor. ​He pleaded guilty to ​all charges. 
Scott also was charged with aggravated assault in 1992​ and assault with intent to kill in 1995. Both charges were reduced, but the disposition of the case​s​ is unclear.

Emphasis in the original.  So this Boy Scout/Choir Boy hops out of his car during a traffic stop with a gun in his hand, and the police do what police do when you jump out of your car with a gun.  But who's the cop?

The Charlotte Observer provides this profile of Officer Vinson. From it, we learn that he grew up in Charlotte, was a football star in high school, and dreamed of becoming a police officer like his father. 
Vinson was all-conference in football as a high school junior, but was unable to play during his senior year due to a serious knee injury. The next year, he played at a prep school, earning a scholarship to Liberty University.  
At Liberty, Vinson studied criminal justice. He became a captain of the football team and led it in tackles as a senior in 2012.  
In 2014, Vinson joined the Charlotte-Mecklenburg police force. He has not been subject to any disciplinary action, according to personnel records released by the police department.

So we have a black cop and a black Dindu Nuffin involved in this.  Even though the cop was black, the feral population does not care, they have a narrative to uphold, so riots, looting and vandalism commence.

And this is why I will never live in or around a black community.

That ain't racism, that's just plain old common sense.

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