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Monday, November 30, 2015

Let's play a game

Let's assume that members of the Catholic Church decided that gays were not only sinners, but they needed to be executed.

Let's assume that these same members of the Catholic faith decreed that women who had abortions were fornicators and murderers, and needed to be stoned to death.

Let's also assume that these same members of the Catholic Church agreed that any and all countries who didn't bow to the Vatican five times a day were infidels and needed to be converted by the sword.

And now let's assume that they actually went out and started doing what they said they were going to do.

What do you assume that I would do in response?  Do you think I would shrug my shoulders, say "Welp, Deus Vult y'all!" and start throwing rocks at women who had been buried up to their shoulders after they were seized coming out of a Planned Parenthood clinic?

Or do you think that I'd be gathering up every single man-jack around me and saying to those people: "This shit ends, and it ends today!  Otherwise, you end today.  Your choice."

I know that the readership of this blog is self-selecting.  Most people who come here do so because they are in agreement with most of what I post.  We're of the same mindset.  Therefore, I can assume that most of you would be standing side by side with me, weapons in hand, telling these people bent on slaughter, subjugation and forced conversion to step the hell off, right the hell now, before we turn their heads into canoes.  And if the Pope himself came down and told me that I needed to convert people by the sword, murder homosexuals and stone women to death, I would tell him that he had perverted the scriptures for his own Earthly gain, and he was not only going to roast in Hell for all of eternity but that I was more than willing to send him there.

But then, I'm a Catholic, not a Muslim.

I know that there are moderate Muslims out there.  I've met them.  I've worked side by side with them.  But as the previous post makes clear, the "Peaceful Majority" is irrelevant.  If they want to be relevant, they need to take up arms, turn to the people of their faith who are killing, raping, and subjugating others, and say "This shit ends, and it ends today.  Or, you end today.  Your choice."  I really think we've come to that point.  If Muslims did not act the way they do, would there be any problem with bringing refugees into this country?

Let me frame it this way:  What if instead of hundreds of thousands of Muslims, it were hundreds of thousands of Copts?  Do you think the reaction would be the same?

You bet your sweet ass it wouldn't.  Because the Copts don't go around raping and murdering people. Not the Peaceful Majority, not even the disgruntled minority.  They.  Don't.  Do.  That.

If the Muslims don't clean their own house, then there will come a point where certain parts of the Middle East acquire a glow that reflects nicely over the flat pane of glass that sits where their cities used to be.  Because the multi-culturalists won't be in power forever.  Nothing lasts forever, and there will come a point where people, frightened, decent people will simply tell those in power "Make it stop!"  And then they'll elect the people who will make it stop.  This is how dictators come to power, and a dictator with a mandate causes horrible things to happen.


Jeb Owens said...

Dave, as usual I am in complete agreement with you. A lot of my "friends" and family think I am Henny Penny broadcasting doom and gloom. I truly don't understand how people could be so blind as to what is happening to this once great Country of ours. I have a lot of infirmities, but they would not stop me from defending the USA to the best of my abilities. Keep on Ragin', Dave!

Drumwaster said...

What he said. "All enemies, foreign and domestic".