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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

And just in case there was any question...

Planned Parenthood sells baby parts.

Let me put it this way - what Planned Parenthood does is actually far worse than what they've been accused of doing.  Murdering babies is bad enough.  Murdering babies and then selling off their body parts for profit?

Way back in Old Testament times, there was a deity named Ba'al that was worshipped around Canaan.  Their altar was a metal statue of their god (bronze or gold) with his hands cupped to receive their offering, and a spot to build a fire under the cupped hands.  The Ba'al worshippers would build a fire under the cupped hands until the hands were glowing red-hot.

And then they would place their infant children into those hands.

We have modern day Ba'al worship going on right now in America, but instead of a bronze statue and fire pit, it's a "doctor's" office, and cries of "Reproductive Health!" and "Women's Choice!"

But it's murder, the sacrifice of children, no matter what you call it.  And it's just as evil now as it was thousands of years ago.


Unknown said...

Well put, Dave.

og said...

No surprise, for sure.