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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

If you had to choose

Chris Christie or Jeb Bush?

Just no.  Actually, not just no, but Fuck No with a side of No Fucking Way.

At that point it's third party time.  Libertarian, Constitutional Party, I don't care, but at that point the GOP would have lost my vote for the rest of my life.  Period.  So let's hope that this is just a little hypothesizing.


scottW said...

Nope - That is who they want to run......and they will explain to us why we are wrong and why we should vote for either of the two......I have been done with the GOP for years...This will actually be the "last" nail in the coffin for them....

Anonymous said...

It might never get to that. If the Article 5 Convention of the States which is being discussed comes to fruition next year, with Conservatives taking the lead on it, the third party is automatically birthed then and there, whether the Convention succeeds or fails. The only way the RINO-GOP lives past 2016 is if it quickly embraces conservatives, but that's unlikely given the present leadership of the Party.

Stick a fork in the GOP, it's done.


Drumwaster said...

The Article V Convention being called (if, not when) would be nothing more than the diagnosis of terminal cancer for a system we already knew was sick with a racking cough and high fever. It would never be called, but even if it were, people currently advocating it have forgotten that since it is the Federal Constitution being amended, it will be the Federal Government that will get to decide all of the particulars - when, where, what and most importantly, WHO. The States will have nothing more to say about the process than the decision whether or not to ratify the outcome. And if 3/4 of the States don't ratify it, it is as dead as the Equal Rights Amendment, and will have been a waste of effort, start to finish.

Now tell me, if there are 13 States on either end of the political process willing to sink it if the result goes too far (such as either getting rid of the Second Amendment or, conversely, making it crystal clear as to the meaning of "shall not be infringed" once and for all) - and I can come up with those 26 States, ranging from deep blue California and Illinois on one end to deep red Wyoming and Oklahoma on the other - then what would be the point?

bbuddha said...

I agree. I will NOT hold my nose and vote for either one, I think we have to accept that the GOP is no longer the party that is for small conservative govt.