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Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Random Thots

So the intertubes are all abuzz regarding the crazy guy who jumped the White House fence and made it into the actual White House.

The Secret Service is being raked over the coals on this one.  Deservedly so, as you're not supposed to allow random crazy people into the Presidential residence.  But here's a thought:

Perhaps the Secret Service doesn't actually want to protect this particular president?

By all accounts, Uh-bama is a raging douchebag, and his Klingon-looking wife is a raging racist who treats people like crap.  Treating the people who protect your life like a bunch of semi-human drones isn't the best way to engender feelings of loyalty.  And while it is their job to protect the President and his family, being ragged on for six years does tend to affect your mental state when it comes to your job.

Just a thought.


Anonymous said...

the guy deserves to housed in the white house and fed for the rest of his life .. that's what we are told when illegal aliens jump the fence .. we have to take care of them ... one fence two fences ... so what

Anonymous said...

I was thinking about the same thing, that the SS doesn't really feel like protecting this douchebag all that much.

This would explain the elevator incident, as well as the "translator" that stood next to him pretending to perform sign language. Only a major lapse of security would explain it.