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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Your government at "work"

Dude was "working" at the EPA, watching between two to six hours of pornography A DAY ON HIS GOVERNMENT COMPUTER.

You'll be shocked to know he still has his job.  No, not shocked?  Neither am I.  Oh, and this guy is a GS-14, which means he's making at least $106,000 a year.

To watch porn at work.

And he can't get fired even months after it was exposed in an investigation.

That about sums up our entire government, doesn't it?


0007 said...

Back when I was employed by the .gov, thee was a person who came into the officeand then disappeeared for the rest of the day. As in he wasn't seen until he came in the next day. this went on for several months. Finally one of the grunts in trenches got curious and watched him. He eventually followed the guy out the door and discovered that this diversity-hire was tripping off to another job every day. All while drawing $65K or so from the .gov. All in all it was about 8 months to get rid of him.

Anonymous said...

Hi, just doing some random browsing and came across this blog post -- It may seem silly that people accused of crimes can't be fired from government jobs, what it amounts to is the logical extension of the "Innocent Until Proven Guilty" and "Due Process" clauses.

The Government hasn't found him guilty in Court - therefore he can't be guilty of the crime in the Government's eyes - since that hasn't happened, he can't be fired. (yet) It may seem wasteful, but it's G

Ragin' Dave said...

This isn't a court of law - this is employment. You can get fired for a whole list of things that wouldn't ever make it into a court of law. One of the things that you can get fired for (but not put in jail) is NOT DOING YOUR JOB. And watching boobies on your WORK COMPUTER for six to eight hours a day is NOT DOING YOUR JOB.

He should have been escorted off the premises the moment they caught him with pr0n on his government work computer.