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Monday, September 15, 2014

Another Beheading by ISIS/ISIL/ISOFAW*

That would be the Islamic State of Fuckheads and Wankers.

So of course, Uh-bama went golfing.  Best thing in the world to do when people are getting beheaded!  What else was he going to do?  His job?  Pish.

Didja hear the one about Uh-bama calling the ISLAMIC State of Iraq and Syria "not Islamic"?  Didja laugh as hard as I did?

Remember, folks:  Uh-bama, previously known as Barry Soetoro, was raised by a Muslim in Indonesia.  That's not some crack-head conspiracy, that's just a plain fact.  Before Barky Uh-bama ever existed, there was Barry Soetoro pressing his head to a carpet facing East five times a day.  Ya think maybe he's allowing his biases to get in the way of his judgement there?  Just a little?  "Ah, naw, they ain't Islamic!  Now watch this putt!"

And meanwhile, one of our allies has a head chopped off with more promised to come, and Uh-bama does nothing.  Just like he did nothing when our boys got their heads cut off.  Just like he did nothing when the consulate in Benghazi was attacked.  Just like he did nothing when the SOFA with Iraq came due.  Just like he did nothing in the US Senate for his shortened career there.

Noticing a trend there?


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