Day by Day

Friday, June 27, 2014

Got a bike

The Ragin' Mrs. already had one; she uses it for going shopping, tooling around the neighborhood, etc.  Me, I haven't had a bike for almost a decade now.

Fixed that today.  Got pretty much a hybrid of a mountain/road bike.  Rides nice and I can get up to some pretty decent speed on it.  I'm going to start riding it to work, try to save some money on this too-damn expensive gasoline we got right here.


Deserttrek said...

please wear a helmet .. my accident was a broken ankle (BAD) ribs bruised other leg bruised and battered and one arm useless for a month .....they paid a bunch
the dents in the $45 helmet where I hit the windshield frame let me know what could have happened to my melon.

stay well Dave

Ragin' Dave said...

Oh don't worry, a helmet was part of the original gear purchased. I've seen too many accidents around here to ride a bike without protecting my noggin. I've got lights for the front and back as well.