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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Amnesty is NOT "Immigration Reform"

Look, I will hardly object if someone honestly says that we need to reform our immigration system.  The system we have now is broken, combining the worst aspects of entrenched government beaurocracy with the worst aspects of the DMV into one monstrosity of failure.

But just allowing people over the borders willy-nilly isn't the answer.  You should not be allowed into this country for free just because you live next door.  Amnesty is not immigration reform.

So every time I hear some dipshit on Capitol Hill crying and whining about how Eric Cantor's loss makes it impossible for "Immigration Reform" to happen, I want to throw something across the room.  There is plenty of chances for Immigration Reform to happen.  We the People just don't want to hear another politician explain to us why we should allow our country to be over-run with millions of free-money seeking Mexicans.

By the way, how would you like to be some guy from Slovenia or India or Ghana, who's following the rules and dealing with the INS for five to ten years, only to have some wetback swim across the Rio Grande and be told "Congratulations!  You're an American now!"  You really think that's fair?  If so, beat yourself in the face with a brick, because you need something to knock the stupid out of you.


Drumwaster said...

You want "immigration reform"? Easy. Do something no one is expecting: START ENFORCING THE FUCKING LAW.

We already HAVE a "pathway to citizenship". It's called "filling out the application and waiting your turn", not "sneaking across the border and demanding free medical care and welfare checks".

You want to start seeing a lot of self-deportations? Announce that the killing of immigrants here illegally will only be prosecuted as an infraction (like a speeding ticket). You will hear thunderclaps from the suddenly disappearing populations in those sanctuary cities, and a sudden surge of southern States and cities balancing their budgets.

When the President goes on TV and announces that he won't bother deporting anyone who manages to bring their kids, is it any wonder that people with kids started showing up? From 6,500 last year to an estimated 90,000 this year...

Ragin' Dave said...

Start enforcing the law? Not enough opportunity for graft or political posturing. So it's never going to happen.

Not while the SCOAMF is in office, anyways.