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Thursday, April 03, 2014

The "Tolerance" Brigade claims another victim

At Mozilla.  Makers of FireFox, which I have used since version 1.2, until now.

Anyone know a good browser?  I don't want to use Chrome, as Google already has too much information of mine, but what about Opera?

I mean, if they revolt over a CEO who supports traditional marriage, they don't need my support, business or patronage, do they?  No, they don't.


Drumwaster said...

I'm glad they set the precedent that people deserve to lose their jobs for holding political opinions. That way, they won't be able to protest when we start using it against them.

Oh, they will jump, jive and wail, but we just need to point at this and say, "You chose... poorly."

Anonymous said...

I did a search for a new browser a few weeks ago when I finally got sick of every new firefox update bringing another 'new, improved!' UI feature that made it harder to use. I'm still on firefox, as everything else was worse.

I'll have to check again, but I'm not optimistic.

Rivrdog said...

Bite the bullet, partition your HD and put a Linux version on it - I use Fedora. The OS is free, and you will have more browsers available than you can try out. You install a Windows Emulator and begin the process of winnowing down your Windows files. Photos in .jpg work as-is in Linux.

As to Opera, I've heard scuttlebutt says that it only works well in OSX9 and up. I have 4 devices running Droid, so I use Chrome a lot. Aside from the minor annoyance of seeing my 'Net shopping list in popups everywhere I browse, Chrome is fine with me. It has an easy stealth browzing mode that is really stealthy, leaves no trace that I can find. You just have to remember to oprn the stealth window.

MauserMedic said...

According to another site's comments I was just reading, tolerance is no longer sufficient. It must be full acceptance or you're a hater who must be punished first, before you can hurt them.

I think the pendulum is still swinging one way, but losing momentum. At some point, it's going to swing back the other way hard.