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Friday, January 11, 2013

More things what make me laugh

Heard on the news today:  "Bitterly cold temperatures in California......"

Baby, you don't know what cold is.  This entire state doesn't know what cold is.  I just came from WISCONSIN.  THAT state knows what "COLD" is!  I'm talking snot-freezing, dick-shrinking, cold enough to make 33 degrees feel like tropical heat COLD.  Nipples hard enough to cut glass kind of cold!  Turn your diesel fuel into gel cold!  Your car engine won't crank because it's frozen solid cold!

"Bitterly cold" in California.  BAH!  And HA! 


sykes.1 said...

And then there's Canada.

Urban legend has it that when the DEW line was being built, the blades on the first few Cat D9s (or whatever the big ones were then) broke. The recipe for the steel had to be changed for the extreme cold.

Ragin' Dave said...

It wouldn't surprise me one bit. Metal does weird things when it gets super cold.