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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Getting what I asked for

So last week I ordered my monthly supply of cigars, and included it that was a bundle of A.J. Fernandez "over-runs".  They're seconds, or perhaps they are over-runs, but they're unlabeled and you don't know which particular line of cigars they're from.

However, they're from A.J. Fernandez.  So, they're ManOWar, or Diesel, or La Herencia Cubana or any other number of cigars.  All of them good, and most of them powerful.  If you don't like a strong cigar, these things will blow your head off.  I happen to like strong cigars from time to time, so I ordered a bundle of toros.

So they came in the mail on Friday.  Into the humidor to get happy.  Lit one up just a minute or two ago, and this thing has to be from one of his stronger lines.  This is what I imagine a pre-Castro Cuban cigar to be; not just a palate pleaser, but you can feel it in your belly.

Damn good cigars.

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