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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Oh. Maw. Gawd.

This ad needs to be run on every media market out there, and then Mitt Romney needs to just add "I'm Mitt Romney and I approve this message."

The fact that this ad was even made, much less put on the air, shows just how clueless both Obama and his Super-PACs are.


Crotalus said...

I'd say "God help her", but I think she's even beyond His help.

Anonymous said...

It is videos like this that make me think that universal suffrage is overrated. Anyone who is significantly influenced by a video like this should not have the priviledge of voting.

Speaking of birth control, with a haircut like that, who needs pills?

Anonymous said...

Do the republicans have a plant inside the Obama campaign. Ok joking aside, that video is just plain creepy.

Anonymous said...

Responding to my own post at 6:28. Lets play a hypothetical. Lets say Hillary won in 08 and was now running against Palin, would any sane person run the same video but with a guy saying Hilary was his first.

steve b from the land of Mordor.

Ragin' Dave said...

I was trying for the longest time to figure out why her face looked so funny - and then it hit me. She looks like a character out of a "Wallace and Grommet" cartoon.

Steve - if it was a guy talking about Hillary, the SVU crew would be called out to yank the guy out of his house and slap him into a sexual predator database.

Ragin' Dave said...

I watched it again, and the more I look at it the creepier it gets. It's like the cult of Obama-worshiping kool-aide guzzling tools want to have sex with their Marxist Messiah so badly they're projecting it in their commercials.

"Fill me with your Lightworking Goodness, oh TelePromTer Jesus!"