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Sunday, September 09, 2012

Your daily depressing post

Of combat deaths in Afghanistan.  Let me boil it down for you:

Eight years of war-mongering Chimpy McHitlerBurton:  631.

Four years of peace-loving Lightworker, the Glorious Leader Obama:  1484.

Yes Virginia, experience DOES count, no matter what the Democrat press told you.

Update and Question:  My uncle seems to think that this post is over the top, "disrespectful to my fallen comrades" and needs to be deleted.  What say you?


Rivrdog said...

Please inform your uncle that the most disrespectful thing a soldier can do is ignore military leadership. No matter if that leadership is good or bad, the soldier must think about it constantly. Obama is the supreme military leader, but he's doing a bad job now.

Anonymous said...

Your post does not need to be deleted. The Obungler administration does.

Gerry N.

Steve B said...

I don't see how it's disrepectful to the troops to highlight how many of them are being killed through wrong-headed policies and eff'd up ROE. It would be disrespectful NOT to speak of it!

Anonymous said...

I honor all of our fallen warriors. Keep this post up.
It is example #1 of why leadership is critical. Have plan and adjust to the situation. Cookie cutter strategies kill. The rules of engagement were until a few weeks ago similar to the foolishness that kill a lot of US servicemen and women in Vietnam. The troops were disarmed in camp and couldn't load their weapons unless fired at. PURE EVIL from the DOD.
Add the foolishness of the M-16's mechanical issues (read some of the recent Bronze Star awards it's like Vietnam all over "Sgt X kept up sustained fire while x number of soldiers tried to clear weapons jams." in the middle of firefights no less.
Hey Ho, Hey Ho zero the obungler has got to go!