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Monday, September 10, 2012

Destroy the Publik Skool Sistim

Exhibit A:  The Chicago Publik Skool Sistim teechers walked out today.  The average Chicago Publik Skool Teecher makes 161% of what the average Chicagoan makes in a year.  AND, the Publik Skool Teechers rejected a 16% raise.  Not "enough", you see.

Fuck them all.  Fuck them all to hell.  Fire.  Them.  All.  Fire them and replace them with real teachers, who actually give a shit about the students in their classrooms.


Drumwaster said...

Don't claim that teaching is somehow a "higher calling" and "it's all for the kids" when every single under dispute is about money.

I respect teachers. My daughter is a teacher. But "those that can, do, while those that can't, teach" isn't just a whimsy...

If these professors actually thought their wonderful economic models worked in the real world, why don't they put some skin in the game, and bet some personal fortune on the outcome of those models? Of course not, because they would be paupers within weeks, and they know it.

Drumwaster said...

"every single *issue* under dispute" (sorry)

Anonymous said...

This IS Chicago after all, where the dead outvote the living three to one and always vote Communist, Rahm "Owned By The Unions" Emmanuel is not going to gainsay his masters. He'd likely be found face down in the lake by the next morning, perhaps without certain non vital appendiges. Lessons must be taught.

Gerry N

Ragin' Dave said...

Drum - I had a grand total of three teachers that were worth a damn in high school. If it weren't for those three, I would have dropped out at 16 and gotten a GED.

Gerry - I can't say that I would mourn such an outcome.