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Sunday, January 08, 2012

In case you couldn't tell

I've been mostly offline lately.  Busy.  So it's with some amount of amazement I read about one goat-felching fuckwit, Eugene Robinson, and his attack on the Santorum family over their decision to deal with the death of their baby girl.

I'm not the first person who recoils in horror at seeing Eugene Robinson's filthOr the SecondOr the Third.  And hopefully I'm not the last.

Eugene Robinson is one of the best examples of liberal, "progressive" thought today.  Let that sink in for a while. 

This is why they must be defeated.  And this is why I cannot vote for Romney.  Romney doesn't fight back against this level of hatred and smear attacks.  Right now, Newt Gingrich is the only person taking the fight to the Left.

The.  Only.  One.

I had high hopes for Ron Paul, and if Paul had gone after the Left the way he's gone after the Right, he'd have my vote right here and right now.  But dammit.....  he seems more interested in scoring points against the GOP than the Democrat American Communist Party.  That just doesn't work.  Romney, Santorum, Paul, they all get led by the nose by the MSM, otherwise known as Obama's Palace Guards, into attacking each other when they need to attack the Left, who's attempts to destroy this once great country are succeeding at an alarming rate.    But no, they'll bicker and infight rather than go after the cancer of Leftist thought.  And they'll let America fall into a pit it cannot recover from rather than attack the evil of progressive ideology head on.

Yes, I said it.  The EVIL OF PROGRESSIVE IDEOLOGY.  You cannot belong to an ideology responsible for hundreds of millions of deaths around the world, and determined to destroy the greatest country the planet has ever seen, without being considered evil.  You cannot belong to an ideology that will enslave the future of this country to pay for the entitlement programs of today without being considered evil.

And yet none of the top three frontrunners will attack that evil, and call it what it is.  And they want to win the nomination of the political party that at least mouths out mealy platitudes to conservatism?

Dear fuck me gently Jesus H. Christ on a pogo stick, I need more ammo.

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Rivrdog said...

You'll se Ron Paul again. His ego will lead him to the Libertarian Party.