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Monday, January 30, 2012

The GOP needs to die

And Florida is providing a good example of why.  Alan West is getting screwed over by the Republican establishment who can't stand to see anyone shake up their network of cronies and money-men.

One of the rising stars of the Tea Party is about to be sacrificed by the Republican establishment in Florida, led by someone spinning for Mitt Romney.
Don’t say you weren’t warned.

Mitt Romney is a perfect example of what the GOP has become - a lying, manipulative, liberal, big-government collection of good-ol-boy networks, crony capitalists, and statists just waiting to push their next five year plan on America.  When Alan West is getting redistricted right out of congress by his own party, you know you have a problem.  Alan West doesn't fit the current nanny-state GOP mold, so he has to go, and a Romney backer is the person to do it.

Fuck the GOP.  Fuck the Republican party.  Fuck the Florida Republican party, and fuck the Mitt Obamneycare supporters.  This country is fucked, and I will just wait for the shooting to start.


notabigfanofo said...

How about a "what-if" Dave? What if Romney gets the nod? Will you hold your nose and vote for him in the General Election just to keep Oblabla from finishing what he started? I know I will. I liked Cain, but we see where that went. Anybody but Obama is a terrible mantra, but it's all I have.

Ragin' Dave said...

Honestly? I don't know. I think a President Romney would be an even bigger disaster than Obama, because if Conservatives take back Congress, they'll be forced to work with him. Which means that Obamneycare stays.

So I cannot say that I'm going to vote for him. If it looks like we're going to retake Congress, then NO. I'd rather have an impotent, blithering idiot Obama in office with a Congress fully united against him, than a Romney presidency where the GOP feels like they have to go along with his big-government dreams.

Anonymous said...

Unless there's Alan West as VP who'll be there to hold Romney's feet to the fire and kick his dumba-- if he strays too far off the path.


Rivrdog said...

Well, it just happened again yesterday in Oregon, where the GOP completely failed to back Rob Cornilles for the First District against the Pelosi-backed cunt Bonamici. The (D)onks poured a lot of bucks into the campaign, enabling Bonamichi to buy the seat (traditionally (D)onk for the past 40 years) with ease. Cornilles raised a paltry sum on his own. He was a TEA Party type, one of the first in Oregon.

Yep, I'm convinced that it basically doesn't matter who wins, Romney or Obama, the results will be a trashing of the Constitution. The only thing that could save us now is a "Veteran's Spring", in which veterans rise up, demonstrate, and inform the present Obama and maybe-future Romney governments that they are being watched, very closely, over the sights of their ARs.

Yep, the only way the Constitution can be saved now is by force of arms, and if that happens, it will be the vets who do it. Otherwise, say good-bye to the Constitution, it lasted only about 200 years, certainly not the 235 years that were celebrated last 7/4/2011.