Day by Day

Thursday, December 22, 2011


The more Romney defends socialized health care, the less he's going to get elected.

ObamaCare is the one thing that unites conservatives and Republicans together.  And Romney thinks that he can defend it?

Well, hello President Gingrich.  Or Perry.  Or Santorum.  ObamneyCare is the reason why there's an "Anybody but Mitt" problem in the first place.  And the fact that the media is essentially protecting Romney while attacking every other candidate tells you exactly who Obama wants to face in the election.

Romney winning the nomination means another four years of Obama, even if Romney wins.


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Scottiebill said...

I'm with you, Dave. Right now I have to go with Gingrich. If Romney is the nominee, that will just about guarantee another 4 years of the Komrade President REMF. And the country absolutely does NOT need that!!!