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Saturday, October 09, 2010

The Phrase of the Day

Femisogynists.  No, I didn't make it up but I'm going to use the hell out of it.  I'm certain you all know what a misogynist is, yes?

misogynist |məˈsäjənist|nouna man who hates women.adjectivereflecting or inspired by a hatred of women misogynist attitude.DERIVATIVESmisogynistic |məˌsäjəˈnistik| adjective

Well, for every misogynist like Jerry Brown out there, there's a woman who acts just the same way.  Hatred of real women comes from both genders.  I'm certain the Ragin' Mrs., were she on the national stage, would be the target of slurs and insults just like Sarah Palin is, or Ann Coulter.  And those insults would come from both genders.  Because liberal men cannot stand a woman with values, and liberal women cannot stand a woman who is both more feminine than they are, and yet stronger and more independent than they are at the same time.

Femisogynist.  A woman of Left-leaning persuasion, who hates real women.  Learn it.  USE IT.

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Anonymous said...

"Femisogynist"? Love it, and will use it.

And Islamists who want to restrict speech that offends them are...?


(That one's mine.)