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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

More publik skool success stories

Just....  ugh.

Great news today from the New York Times—if you happen to believe, that is, that every minute of your waking life requires intervention of one kind or another by the government or quasi-government forces. An article, by Winnie Hu, assures parents of enrollees at Broadway Elementary School across the river in Newark that there’ll be “no more sitting around after lunch. No more goofing off with friends. No more doing nothing.” Wow, are you feeling that tingling sensation up your leg?
Before Barack Obama’s election, his wife promised that Obama would “never let you go back to your lives as usual.” And Alejandro Echevarria, principal of Broadway Elementary, seems hell-bent not only on keeping Michelle Obama’s threat but making it a reality from the tenderest ages on.
In case you were worried that enforced play at recess was free of charge—or as Obama himself is fond of saying, “won’t cost you [the taxpayers] a dime—the cost of the program is $23,500 a year.

I wouldn't allow my child to stay at that school for any amount of time.  I want my child to learn, not to be forced to be a little mindless drone.

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